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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Configuring Node Manger and Machine

To configure Node manager we need to configure the Machine on the WebLogic domain. This machine can be defined with Name, type of the OS. Usually this OS type could be
  1. Unix 
  2. Virtual and
  3. Others(non-Unix that is Windows).

Configuring Node Manager

You could configure a Node Manager in the WebLogic Domain can be of two types:
  • Per Domain
  • Per Machine
Here each one has its significance. Per domain is easy to maintain, when same machine is used for multiple WebLogic domains with different business environment then better to have per domain.

If all WebLogic domains related to same business unit then we can use per machine nodemanager. Example, Customer supporting domain, its OHS domain, integration domains we can use single nodemanager for all of them together. You need to ensure that nmErolled for all these domains.

Step2 :
Create Machine for Windows(Other ) and Unix

Creating Node Manager  on  Unix :

Creating Node Manager on  Windows
Node Manager Monitoring

Configuration of Node Manager properties :

Here I've Windows hosted Administration server and also I have VirtualBox having Guest OS as Precise64 which is Ubuntu Linux. So I configured two managed servers assigned in the Windows and two more in the Linux box. The final summary of machines in the domain are as follows:

Machines summary details

Select the Machine and assign the servers

Add Managed Servers .

From Admin console click on Machines  Select Servers Tab > add button in the Work area.

Select above created Machine and click Add . Select the Managed server from DropDown.

Similar  add Managed Servers to Unix Machine .

After Adding the Machines Go to the Summary

Managed Serves Summary

Start Run the Managed serves .. If the
Status of the Node Manager is Inactive  verify  Node Manager properties and update the values :
Make sure
ListenAddress  = <Host Name >  replace LocalHost to <HostName>

SecurListener = False      < Replace from True > 
Starting NodeManager from Domain bin directory

Configuring Node manager properties on a machine

Manager Server can Start even it is in Failed NOT Restartable  status using the Node Manager


Node Manger creates Boot Identity for every WebLogic server that is controlled by Node Manager .
Node manager  monitor and creates process Id contain file .

WebLogic Books

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration Handbook
  • WebLogic Diagnostic Framework
  • Advanced WebLogic Server Automation
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook

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