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Thursday, 27 August 2015

JMS Foreign Servers on WebLogic for JMS Destination as Topic

JMS Foreign Server configuration

In WebLogic we have various choice to do cross domain communication. where it is depends on the application needs, reliable communication or unreliable.

  • Two WebLogic domains or two JMS Providers
  • JMS Module with ConnectionFactory, Destination on the remote domain
Lets start configure the Foreign server on WebLogic Domain.
Step 1: Login to WebLogic Admin Console on which you wish to run the Foreign Server. Configure JMS Server as we have done earlier.

Step 2: Configure the JMS Module where select the resource to configure - Foreign Server as below:
Create a JMS System Module named FSMod (Optional) you can work within existing Module as well

Select Foreign Server configuration in the JMS module

Step 3: Name of the Foreign Server, Enter the remote machine JNDI Connection URL

JMS Foreign Server Configuration - Name, Connection URL

Step 4: Next table you can find the Connection Factory enter them to conenct to the remote machine JMS Connection objects accordingly.
Enter the Connection Factory mapping from remote JNDI name with local JNDI name

Steop 5: Configure JMS Foreign destination here we have example with Topic - TestTopic which can be foreign reference created as FSTestTopic.
JMS Destination here it is TestTopic mapping to local FSTestTopic

After the Foreign Server configuration it looks like this

Validate your Foreign Server configurations on targeted JNDI Name visible in target server

You can test these Foreign Server configuration with the "" mapping where newly configured Foreign Server hosted.

In the "" program remain with the remote machine configurations.
We have tested this experiment check this on your setup and do this exciting lab exercise.


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