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Monday, 13 June 2016

Installing a patch in WebLogic 12.2.1

Interim Patch for Bug: 22644507

Platform Patch for : Generic
Product Version      :


Download the patch from the below link
2. Stop all servers (AdminServer and all Managed server(s)).

Patch ex:
3.Unzip the patch zip file into the new directory( here i am using patchop name).

unzip –d patchop
Set your current directory to the directory where the patch is located.

OPatch Directory
OPatch Directory
I have created one new directory (patchop) under $MW_HOME/OPatch

4. To check the  list of patches in our environment
./opatch lsinventory

List of patches
To check the List of patches

Here my environment have 6 patches(see above screenshot) and now I am adding one more patch

5.Run OPatch to apply the patch
$opatch apply

OPatch Apply
check  the patch is installed or not by using the below command.
[12c@localhost OPatch]$ ./opatch lsinventory

6.Run OPatch to uninstall the patch.
$ opatch rollback -id  22644507

deinstall the patch
Rollback the Patch

7. Check the Patch is uninstalled or not by using this command

[12c@localhost OPatch]$ ./opatch lsinventory

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