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Friday, 1 May 2015

13.b. WebLogic Securiy - Application level Configurations

The goal is to experiment WebLogic Security for the Application level. Only particular group of user can have the access to the application. To achieve this we need to create the users and groups in the Security Realm. In real time systems there could be hundreds of users and many groups which can be configured through nice GUI and Authentication Provider third party tools.

Experiment Specification

 To Create WebLogic Administration Security:

Step 1: Go to Domain Structure tree (here in my example RANJITH_DOMAIN) at left side and Click on Security Realms link as shown below:

Step 2: Click on myrealn as shown below:

    Step 3: Go to Users and Groups  tab  and  click on New button as shown below:


Step 4: Create a new User
                    Users Creation like this below:    
                             lly,we have to create another 3 users same as above              

                       Groups Creation like below:

                                --> Go to  Groups  tab  and  click on New button as shown below:
                               --> enter the Groups details as below like this:

                                lly, we have to create managers group also.

Step 5.1: Navigate to Users and Groups tab -> Users  -> click on user name(kiran) -> click on                        Groups and that user(kiran) assigned to which group belongs(employees,managers) as                          shown in the below:


 Step 5.2 : lly,we have to do same process like above (mehar,ranjith,vidhya sagar) also.But we                             remember one point according to our table (ranjith,vidhya sagar) are employees .So,we
                  need to select employees group only.

 Step 6 :   Download  timeoff.war file .
                Deployment an application , again go to Deployment --> Install -->Path(where you                               download war file) and check radio button (timeoff.war) --> Next --> Next -->cluster1


                                         Next -->  Finisth ---> Save.


  Step 7  :    Go to Security tab --> Url Patterns -->New ---> URL Pattern: /managers/*  -->                             Name:  director  -->  OK.




      Step 8  : Click on director  --->Add Conditions --> Predicate List : Group  ---> Next --->                             Group Argument Name: managers --> Add --> Finish --> Save. 




Add Condition to the role

    Step 9  : Again go to Deployment -->  click on timeoff --> Testing 
Try to access the application URL  then click the link 'Close office' that will be allowed only for the managers group users that is kiran in my example. It worked!! When I try with non-manager users it is not accessible. Just see in below images to understand what happens here.......


Step 10:   Try to access the application URL  then click the link 'Close office' that will be allowed                        only for the managers group users that is kiran  ,enter kiran name and password.It will                      access the page. That means in groups managers can only access the this application ,not                      for employees or others. Just try in urs systems .............               


                           Identify three options for Keystores in a server's configuration.
                             A. Demo Identity and Demo Trust
                             B. Demo Identity and Java Standard Trust
                             C. Java Standard Identity and Custom Trust
                             D. Custom Identity and Demo Trust
                             E. Custom Identity and Custom Trust
                             F. Custom Identity and Command Line Trust
                        Here my experiment given me clarity on this question, the answer is AEF


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