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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Syllabus 1z0-599

Exam Topics - Syllabus
  1. Cloud Application Foundation CAF Fundamentals
    1. Components of WebLogic suite
    2. differences of WebLogic Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and suite
    3. Coherence with WebLogic
    4. Oracle Cloud computing business drivers
    5. Virtual Assembly Builder studio
    6. Custom Appliances for Virtual Assemblies
    7. ActiveCache (WebLogic and Coherence)
  2. WebLogic Server Fundamentals
    1. Distributions (zip, jar)
    2. Enterprise Grid Messaging
    3. Active GridLink for RAC
    4. WebLogic Domain
    5. install WebLogic
    6. create WebLogic domain templates
    7. Automate with WLST
    8. Secure WebLogic resources and applications
    9. WorkManagers contexts and Constraints
    10. JDBC Connection pool
    11. JMS Distributed Queue
    12. JMS Distributed Topics
    13. WLDF
    14. JRockit Flight Recorder and WLDF integration
    15. JVM Tuning for performance
    16. Troubleshoot and debug WebLogic logs and thread dumps
  3. Deploy JEE applications
    1. JEE 6 & Developer productivity features
    2. IDE support
    3. Maven integration features
    4. Java SE packaging
    5. Structure & parts of Java web applicaiton
    6. Deploy JEE application to WLS
    7. Deploy JEE applicaiton with plan.xml
    8. Deploy shared libraries and associate with application
    9. Deploy application using Admin port and side by side deployment
    10. CI and build tools ANT, Maven
    11. Enable and use FastSwap for Rapid redeployment
    12. Troubleshooting classloading conflicts - CAT tool
    13. Spring support
    14. secure JEE application
  4. WebLogic server management
    1. JRockit Mission Control for monitoring
    2. JRockit Flight Recorder and WLDF
    3. Monitor and diagnose WLS for best performance
    4. Start & Stop WebLogic instances using Node manager
  5. WebLogic Advanced Topics
    1. WebLogic offers above EE container
    2. more JDBC features
    3. distributed JMS
    4. WebLogic Clustering
    5. Scripting for WLS
    6. Automation options in WebLogic
    7. RPC, Web services standards support by WebLogic
    8. web session and XA Affinity features of Active Grid Link
    9. store Transaction logs in database
    10. JMS SAF
    11. UOO UOW
    12. TopLink Grid Java persistence API and Coherence
    13. ease of Disaster Recovery
  6. WebLogic server system Architecture
    1. Design a scaled-out solution with WebLogic
    2. Architect a highly available WLS system
    3. Proxy web server
    4. load balancer
    5. max uptime, availability and business continuity designs
  7. Best practices
    1. Design considerations
    2. Domain using best practices
    3. Configure WebLogic cluster, managed servers with best practices
    4. Configure the JVM with best practices
    5. Connection pool best options
    6. JMS with best practices
    7. WorkManager using best practices
    8. Node manager with best practices
  8. WebLogic patching & upgrading with smartUpdate
    1. How to patch
    2. rolling patch strategy to a WebLogic cluster to ensure max availability
    3. Upgrade from WebLogic 10.3 to new version
    4. Upgrade oc4j/OAS to WebLogic
    5. Non-Oracle platform to WebLogic
  9. Enterprise Manager
    1. Integrate EM with WebLogic
    2. WebLogic management pack EE
    3. Real operation automation
    4. Real Operation Insight
    5. Use Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management for WLS
    6. Enterprise Manager Real User Experience Insight
    7. Enterprise Manager Business Transaction Management for WLS
    8. Enterprise Manager Configuration Management for WLS
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