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Thursday, 13 February 2014

06. WebLogic Deployments

This post is about WebLogic applications deployments. There could be web applications, ejb applictions, webservice applications and the artifacts can be availabe in .jar, .war, .ear files.
Which two elements of the Java Enterprise Application Archive are required?
  1. EJB Archive
  2. Deployment Descriptor
  3. META-INF sub directory
  4. Resource Adapter archive

Shared Library deployment

You deployed a Java EE shared library and want to use it from an applicatin that is also deployed on the same cluster. Which two manifest attributes must be specified at a minimum with corresponding values in the deployment descriptor of the application that requires
  1. implementation-version
  2. Specification-version
  3. Extension-Name
  4. Specification-vendor

What would be answer for this???????

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