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Monday, 25 May 2015

Configuring Managed Servers

In WebLogic we have three choices for Configuring the Managed servers.

  1.  Admin console . 
  2. / config.cmd ( configuration wizard) 
  3. WLST 

1. Using Administration console

  1. Log in to admin console with your credentials
  2. In the Left pane, expand the Environment in the Domain Structure > select the Server  
  3. In the work-area that right side, click on the New button to Creating the Managed Servers 
Adding New managed server -  Click on New button
Update the New Managed server attribute values
Summary of Servers - Newly created managed server visible
 when does the managed server named directory will be created?
Lets check the servers directory in the domain directory... Here no new server name it will not created when it is configured.It will be

WebLogic Domain directory

Starting of Managed Servers  Syntax

Here I have a Linux environment where I can use for those who are using Windows platform can use startManagedServer.cmd.

 vagrant@precise64:~/wlsdomain/Demo2_Domain/bin$ ./ Demo2_MS1

Managed servers directory will be created after First Time it Started.

2. Using the configuration Wizard to create Managed servers

To invoke the configuration Wizard we have to navigate to $WL_HOME/common/bin directory.
To run the wizard in Windows platform you have to use config.cmd script and in the Unix platform provided that platform must support X-Windows (X11 forwarding).

Here, I have Windows sample:

Invoking WebLogic domain Configuration Wizard

Configuration Wizard Choose existing Domain 
Select the Managed Servers for configuration
Add the Managed Servers - provide Name, Listen Address, Port
Skip Cluster, Machine Configurations

Configuration Summary - Added two managed servers to Domain Demo1

Configuration Progress
Finally Successful configuration changes to the Demo1 Domain 

3. Create Managed Server using WLST

Ref: Create Online managed server

WebLogic Books

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration Handbook
  • WebLogic Diagnostic Framework
  • Advanced WebLogic Server Automation
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook

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