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Monday, 13 April 2015

01.c Using the WebLogic Administration Console effectively

Administration Console

The Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console is a Web browser-based, graphical user interface that you use to manage a WebLogic domain.

WebLogic 12c Admin Console components

Change Center

WebLogic Domain running in Production Mode, the Change Center will be available with two dynamic buttons. This keeps track of who does what and locks when an Administrator performs a session. The console gets locked for that user and can only be changed unless the session has been activated or released. This mechanism prevents other users logging in to the console and doing configuration changes before you are finished.

Domain Structure

you can find a navigation tree called the Domain Structure. In here, you can access all configurable resources within the WebLogic Server, such as:

  • WebLogic Environment contains Server: such as Administration Server, Managed Servers, and Clusters
  • Services: such as JDBC and JMS 
  • Deployments: install, update, deletion of Applications, resource adapters, and Libraries 
  • Security: Providers, Encryption keys, and wallets 
  • Diagnostics and Logging choice for each sub system

System Status

The System Status panel reports on the number of information, error, and warning messages that have been logged. You can view these messages in the server log files, which you can access from the Administration Console at Diagnostics | Log Files.


In the task-bar, you can track your previous navigation using the Breadcrumbs, so you can jump back two or three steps before.

WebLogic Admin Console disable and enable

The admin console can be disabled and enabled. We can disable it using admin console advanced attributes and for enable back We need to use WLST. The context path of the admin console may be changed, to represent which environment it is for example project_DEV or project_FT instead of console. The administration console may be extended with a jar which can be included in DOMAIN_HOME/console-ext directory. If the domain's administration port is enabled, access to the administration console must be made only through that port. Remember that we cannot access with regular port.

One instance of WebLogic Server in each domain is configured as an Administration Server. The Administration Server provides a central point for managing a WebLogic Server domain. All other WebLogic Server instances in a domain are called Managed Servers. In a domain with only a single WebLogic Server instance, that server functions both as Administration Server and Managed Server. The Administration Server hosts the Administration Console, which is a Web application accessible from any supported Web browser with network access to the Administration Server. Managed Servers host applications.

Console Disable or Enable
Steps to disable access to the Administration Console
Admin Console disable from Admin console
WebLogic 12c Admin Console Disabling

  1. After you login to admin console click Lock & Edit if you are in production startup mode. 
  2. In the left pane of the Admin Console, under Domain Structure, select your domain name. 
  3. In the right pane on the work area, Configuration > General, and click 'Advanced' at the bottom of the page. 
  4. You can see by default value is checked for the Console Enabled attribute. 
  5. Finally, Click Save button. 
  6. In production domain, to activate these changes, click Activate Changes button in the change center. 
  7. Restart the Admin server required to see this!!!
Now I've restarted the Admin Server and tried to open the Admin console but it was showing me ERROR 404!!! (as expected)
Admin Console disabled - 404 
Now goto the PuTTY/terminal open your WLST prompt
1. connect to your admin server
2. edit the session change consoleEnable attribute to true which was false!
3. save the changes 

wls:/offline> connect('weblogic','welcome1','t3://')
Connecting to t3:// with userid weblogic ...
Successfully connected to Admin Server "devAdmin" that belongs to domain "devDomain".

Warning: An insecure protocol was used to connect to the
server. To ensure on-the-wire security, the SSL port or
Admin port should be used instead.

wls:/devDomain/serverConfig> edit()
Location changed to edit tree. This is a writable tree with
DomainMBean as the root. To make changes you will need to start
an edit session via startEdit().

For more help, use help('edit')
You already have an edit session in progress and hence WLST will
continue with your edit session.

wls:/devDomain/edit !> startEdit()
Starting an edit session ...
Started edit session, please be sure to save and activate your
changes once you are done.
wls:/devDomain/edit !> ls('a')
-rw-   AdminServerName                              devAdmin
-rw-   AdministrationMBeanAuditingEnabled           false
-rw-   AdministrationPort                           9002
-rw-   AdministrationPortEnabled                    false
-rw-   AdministrationProtocol                       t3s
-rw-   ArchiveConfigurationCount                    0
-rw-   ClusterConstraintsEnabled                    false
-rw-   ConfigBackupEnabled                          false
-rw-   ConfigurationAuditType                       none
-rw-   ConfigurationVersion               
-rw-   ConsoleContextPath                           console
-rw-   ConsoleEnabled                               false
-rw-   ConsoleExtensionDirectory                    console-ext
-rw-   DomainVersion                      
-r--   DynamicallyCreated                           false
-rw-   ExalogicOptimizationsEnabled                 false
-rw-   GuardianEnabled                              false
-r--   Id                                           0
-rw-   InternalAppsDeployOnDemandEnabled            true
-rw-   JavaServiceConsoleEnabled                    false
-rw-   JavaServiceEnabled                           false
-r--   LastModificationTime                         0
-rw-   Name                                         devDomain
-rw-   Notes                                        null
-rw-   Parent                                       null
-rw-   ProductionModeEnabled                        false
-r--   RootDirectory                                /home/wlsadmin/wlsdomains/devDomain
-rw-   ServerMigrationHistorySize                   -1
-rw-   ServiceMigrationHistorySize                  -1
-r--   Type                                         Domain
wls:/devDomain/edit !> cmo.setConsoleEnabled(true)
wls:/devDomain/edit !> save()
Saving all your changes ...
Saved all your changes successfully.
wls:/devDomain/edit !> activate()
Activating all your changes, this may take a while ...
The edit lock associated with this edit session is released
once the activation is completed.

The following non-dynamic attribute(s) have been changed on MBeans
that require server re-start:
MBean Changed : com.bea:Name=devDomain,Type=Domain
Attributes changed : ConsoleEnabled

Activation completed
wls:/devDomain/edit> disconnect()
Disconnected from weblogic server: devAdmin

[wlsadmin@AdminSrv devDomain]$ jps
7360 Server
7595 Jps
[wlsadmin@AdminSrv devDomain]$ kill 7360
Admin console accessable in the browser!!! When there is most crutial changes are expected in the WebLogic domain some of the financial or banking projects uses this as best practice. While process will be before and after changes would be takes place only using WLST.

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  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration Handbook
  • WebLogic Diagnostic Framework
  • Advanced WebLogic Server Automation
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