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Friday, 4 March 2016

Heap dump of WebLogic Server using jmap, jhat command utilities

This is extending series of Heap Analysis for WebLogic Server instance. Here is a demonstration of jmap, jhat command utilities usage for collecting heap dump.

jmap --help
Screen shot of jmap help output
jmap command utility help

The jmap live dump

sample jmap live dump
WebLogic server Heap dump
jmap live dump for WebLogic server instance

The jmap command with -histo option

jmap -histo PID

Example execution
jmap histogram generation option
jmap with histo option for a WebLogic server instance

The jhat command utility for analyzing heap dump

 jhat -J-mx1024m demoadmin.bin

This command will launches the web server which will have only the heapdump binary file in readable format. Interestingly you could see the outcome on your browser.

jhat for best heap dump analysis
The jhat command for analysis of Heap dump
 Now the server is listening at 7000 port which is default port which you can also change using -port and value as new port number.

The output of jhat command output on Browser

Note here all the above jmap, jhat, jps commands are executed on JDK1.8 version which don't have perm space.

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