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Sunday, 14 August 2016

WebLogic HttpClusterServlet Proxy Server

Hi All in this document we are going to use WebLogic HttpClusterServlet application as a WebLogic WebServer. we don’t want to install a separate WebServer like (Apache,IIS, OHS, IHS or IPlanate) rather we want to configure and run a WebLogic Server itself as a WebLogic WebServer. Below are the steps included.

1. Ready with Weblogic Domain with 1-AdminServer and 3 Managed Servers.
2. Develop Simple HttpClusterServletWebApplication (DemoProxyWebApp)
3. Deploy the Application “DemoProxyWebApp” on Managed server
4. Deploy Benefits.jar application on Webcluster.
5. Validate The complete architect flow

Architecture Diagram:

Step 1: Create a WebLogic Domain with 1-AdminServer and 3 Managed Servers…And a Cluster like following.
WebLogic Domain: demo2domain Cluster : MS1 and MS3 managed servers are part of web cluster in with we need to deploy business applications (benefits.war). Web server : MS5 managed server act like as front end web server in which we deploy the application “DemoProxyWebApp”
Cluster - Web Proxy server on same WebLogic Domain

 Step 2: We are going to develop a Simple HttpClusterServletWebApplication to make the “FrontEnd_MS”(MS5) Server as a WebServer.

2.1. Create a Directory somewhere in your file system like following:
oracle@mydev:/u01/app/software$ pwd
oracle@mydev:/u01/app/software$ mkdir DemoProxyWebApp

2.2. Create a “WEB-INF” directory inside “DemoProxyWebApp” and then place the following “web.xml” file inside “DemoProxyWebAppWEB-INF”
oracle@mydev:/u01/app/software/DemoProxyWebApp$ pwd
oracle@mydev:/u01/app/software/DemoProxyWebApp$ mkdir WEB-INF

web.xml: ( Modify Cluster address penciled in yellow mark below according to your environment) 7001 and 7003 are listener ports for MS1 and MS3 managed servers.









2.3. Now create a Simple “weblogic.xml” file inside “DemoProxyWebApp/WEB-INF” like following: weblogic.xml :


Step3: Now deploy the Application “DemoProxyWebApp” on “FrontEnd_MS” i.e MS5 WebLogic Server to make it as a WebServer…to redirect Client request to Cluster Members.

Once deployment finished make sure application is in “Active” State on on “FrontEnd_MS” i.e MS5.
Step 4: Now deploy the Application “benefits.war” on web cluster (MS1 and MS3 managed servers are part of web cluster) Download “benefits.war” from link Download Deploy the benefits.war on the web cluster. Test the benefits application with below URLs.

Managed server MS1 URL :-
Managed server MS3 URL :-

Validating the Proxy setup

 Step 5: - Test the same application access from Proxy server ( “FrontEnd_MS”(MS5) Server as WebServer.) which is running on listing on port 7005


The application accessed with the HTTPClusterServlet (Proxy Web server)
Validating the Web Proxy using HTTPClusterServlet

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